Reason for HASF

Soccer is important to a lot of us and its role in our lives should not be relegated to just one professional franchise or our child's youth team. The enrichment and development of the sport in our city and throughout the region will ensure long term success of a passion shared by many. This organization was founded with the long term goal of doing everything possible to enhance all aspects of the sport within the Kansas City region.

Mission Statement

The Heart of America Soccer Foundation is a grassroots organization of fans, players, and business leaders all acting as volunteers to promote the sport of soccer and the role it serves to enrich the lives of Kansas Citians. In supporting all aspects of soccer in the Kansas City area, we believe the Kansas City Wizards are a tremendous asset and are dedicated to finding a permanent solution to keep them in Kansas City.

Accordingly, we will advocate for the development and construction of a world-class soccer complex which will permanently house the Wizards and provide playing fields for the use of the entire soccer community in the Greater Kansas City area.

Current Goals

•Promote the viability of the Greater Kansas City area as a long term home for the Kansas City Wizards

•Promote the economic benefits of a soccer complex to local governments

•Serve as an information resource for potential owners

•Encourage the citizens of Greater Kansas City to support the Wizards by purchasing season tickets

•Encourage participation in all levels of soccer in the Greater Kansas City area

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